Companies that intend to make a biocide available on the market in Belgium must obtain an authorisation for the product. The authorisation certificate contains a unique authorisation number that must be shown on the label. If a label contains such an authorisation number, it means that the biocide is authorised on the Belgian market.

The authorisation number can have different forms. A few examples:

  • XXXB
  • XX/IP
  • BE-20XX-XXX


Consult the list of authorised biocides to check whether the number on the label is an official authorisation number.

Some biocides are reserved for professional use and, with a few exceptions,  may not be sold to the general public. These are the so-called closed-circuit biocides.

Biocides with a high health risk are restricted to the closed circuit. They can for example be highly toxic, carcinogenic or corrosive or cause genetic mutations. It is necessary to wear personal protective equipment when using these products. Special rules apply to their storage, use and disposal.