Every day we receive information in the form of indicators, GDP, Bel 20, employment rates, etc. These indicators give us some quick information on the topics that they cover. At the environmental level few indicators are well ingrained in our consciousness. However, many different pieces of data exist!

In Belgium, the Regions are mainly responsible for protection of the environment. If you are especially interested in the state of the environment in your region we recommend that you visit the regional websites containing this information (Brussels-Capital Region (only exists in French and Dutch), Flanders, Wallonia (only exists in French)).

With regard to the state of the North Sea, you will find more information on these pages as well as on the website of the Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models and the Scheldt estuary (MUMM).

For data over the causes and consequences of the climate change and the impact of climate policies please go to the website www.climat.be (only exists in French and Dutch) and that of the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Here you will find information on the federal environmental policies and their impact on the environment, etc.

This information is present, among other places in the federal reports on the environment and the Federal notes on environmental indicators.

For other federal data, you can also visit the websites of the Federal Planning Bureau, its platform on sustainable development indicators and the website of the Directorate-General Statistics and Economic Information.