Many environmental problems transcend boundaries. About 80% of national environmental policy originates at the international or European level. The European Union is very active in taking measures to conserve natural resources and combat pollution. The United Nations adopted the essential agreements to address global environmental challenges. Belgium, a member of the United Nations, is actively involved in negotiations within this framework.
Many environmental issues are the responsibility of the Regions. But the federal government also has its responsibilities or shares some with the Regions in the field of environment. In addition, the protection of natural resources and combating their depletion and pollution also affect other areas of expertise such as agriculture, transport, energy and the economy.
Due to the division of powers among different authorities in the environmental field, dialogue is vital to ensure that our country speaks with a single voice in the international arena. That is why Belgium has adopted specific cooperation agreements that enable the competent bodies to work together to comply with their international obligations. One of these cooperation agreements established the Coordination Committee for International Environmental Policy (CCIEP).