Would you like to consult the National Climate Plan? Are you looking for more information about biodiversity or our North Sea? Or would you like a copy of a Royal Decree on hazardous substances?

The Service Center Health - supported by the Environmental Information Desk - deals with questions of an informative nature as well as requests to consult, explain or obtain a copy of environmental information (see Federal Environmental Information > passive advertising).

Contact the Service Center Health :

  • via the online application form
  • by email: info@health.fgov.be
  • by phone: +32 (0)2 524 97 97 (working days between 8am and 1pm)
  • by post:  

FPS Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment
Directorate-General for the Environment
Avenue Galilée 5/2 

Please note! There is a specific contact point for companies and other professional users: www.helpdeskdppc.be (see also 'e-services'> Helpdesk DPPC).

What topics can I inquire about?

In our country, most environmental competences fall within the remit of the three Regions. But the federal government, and particularly DG Environment, retains important prerogatives (see also 'Role of the Federal and the Regions'). At the information desk you can request information on the following topics:

  • climate: e.g. the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in line with the commitments made under the Paris Agreement 
  • biodiversity: e.g. the import, export and transit of non-native species, CITES, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), whales or the Antarctic
  • marine environment: e.g. the protection of the North Sea
  • environment and health: e.g. the prevention of risks due to non-ionising radiation (GSM) or chemical substances 
  • chemicals: e.g. the policy on the marketing of chemicals, dangerous preparations, biocides, pesticides and fertilisers
  • sustainable production and consumption: products that have a particular impact on the environment: vehicles, electrical and electronic appliances, packaging and building materials
  • environmental inspection: inspection measures related to the marketing, approval and use of these products
  • the coordination of international environmental policy

The regions are responsible, among other things for, spatial planning, pollution control, environmental permits, prevention and management of household waste, registration and control of waste transit, surface water quality and individual wastewater treatment plants, etc. To obtain information about those topics, you can consult the following websites:

- the Flemish Region
- the Walloon Region
- the Brussels-Capital Region

About which topics can the federal authority not inform you?
Access to federal environmental information provides access to existing environmental information available to public bodies in the form of transmittable documents, but it does not allow to request an opinion from the environmental body or to discuss the quality of the information and/or the positions taken by Belgium at national, European or international level.

How do I apply for information to the Fedral Public Service?

Requests for a copy of environmental information should be made in writing to the Service Center, preferably via the web form or by e-mail or post. We will process your request in accordance with the procedure set out in the law of 5 August 2006 on public access to environmental information.

Be specific in your request:
You do not have to justify your request. However, it is important to be precise, otherwise we will not be able to process it. If you wish to obtain a legal text, make sure you reference it as precisely as possible.

You may indicate a deadline:
 You can indicate a time frame within which you wish to obtain the information, but this is not binding. We will process the request as quickly as possible, within the maximum deadline of one month. This period may be extended to 45 days if the file is more complex, in particular if any exceptions apply or based on the volume of the request. You will then be notified by mail.

By indicating the desired medium:
You can specify on which medium you prefer to receive the environmental information: by post, fax, email or CD-ROM. We will respond favourably if possible.

By indicating the desired language:
 You can also indicate the language in which you would like to receive the environmental information: Dutch, French, German or English. If the information is available in that language, we will respond favourably.

More info? See the pamphlet "L'environnement vous pose question? Demandez, on vous répondra!" (NL/DE). You can also order it from the Service Center Health.

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