Make your residence more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthier

You can save the environment in your household in several ways.

You can choose to purchase environmentally friendly products and services that carry an environmental label, for instance the European ecolabel. Products with the EU ecolabel have many advantages; they save energy and are mild for the environment.

Live healthily! We spend three quarters of our lives indoors. That is why the quality of the indoor environment is very important. What are the consequences of polluted indoor air? And more importantly: what can you do about it? What does the government do? You can read more about it in the section “Indoor air Pollution”.

Not only products that we use regularly but also building products and paint can contain components that are harmful for the environment and your health. In other words, it is certainly worth it to think hard about what materials to use in (re)construction projects.

As a household, you not only influence the amount of water that you use but also the extent whereto you pollute it. Washing is already more environmentally conscious than it used to be. Yet, washing can be a lot more environmentally friendly. You can find concrete tips in the section “cleaning products”.

Energy-efficient living is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. What types of heating exist? How can you save on lighting? What should you pay attention to when purchasing new (household) appliances? The answers to these questions can be found in the sections “heating devices”, “lighting” and “household appliances”.