CCAMLR is the acronym for the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

The CCAMLR Commission has been active since 1982 and follows the coming into force of the Convention on the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources signed in Canberra in May 1980. It covers the vast waters of the Southern Ocean to the south of 60° S latitude.

The Convention aims to protect the marine ecosystem of the region given the increasing interest by commercial fishing in the numerous resources of the Antarctic, including the krill.
The tasks of the Convention are coordinated by the Commission, which has 25 members (24 "founding" members including Belgium and the European Union) and 11 observer states.

Each member contributes to the work of the Commission and the Scientific Committee, takes part in working groups and attends the annual meetings.

The Commission is assisted by a Secretariat located in Hobart, Australia (Tasmania).