Ecoconception and legal obligations

The European ecodesign legislation imposes minimum requirements for energy efficiency. Devices that consume more energy than what is allowed can no longer be sold in Belgium and the European Union. In other words, manufacturers are obligated to take the energy consumption of the consumer into account when designing their products.

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Electrical and electronic equipment: the RoHS and WEEE legislation

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Timber and timber products

Timber is a much used natural raw material. Timber and timber products are used as building materials (prefab constructions, plates, trusses, floor covering en timber cladding, etc.), for the manufacturing of furniture and objects, as packaging material, for heating and for the production of pulp and paper.

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Packaging is everywhere. It is impossible to imagine life without it. The benefits are obvious: thanks to packaging, products reach the consumer undamaged and the use-by-date of perishable products is extended. For the consumer, packaging often provides greater ease of use while shopping.

However, there are not just advantages connected with packaging. Often, consumers have the feeling that products have been packaged far too generously. No surprise therefore, that many people wonder whether all that packaging is indeed necessary. Whether they are not buying more packaging than product. And whether that packaging might have negative consequences for the environment.

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The FPS' activities concerning construction products

The Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment wants to stimulate sustainable production and consumption and therefore, lays down conditions for bringing products onto the market.

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