Alternatives to incandescent bulbs

Since 1st September 2012, all incandescent bulbs have been permanently withdrawn from the market because they consume too much energy. Approximately 95% of the electrical energy consumed by these bulbs was lost as heat. Only a small portion of this energy was actually used to give us light. More about this  ?

Household appliances

We use increasingly more energy for household appliances. The government wants to promote energy-efficient household appliances to save the environment, fight climate change and lower your energy bill. This also ensures that the energy supply is not endangered and that there is less emission of smog and fine dust from electric power plants and chimneys. More about this ?

Environment friendly heating

Keeping warm in Belgium is a vital need. Our dependence on fossil fuels is increasingly costing us dear. We must adapt our behaviour and consider less expensive and more environmentally friendly solutions. More about this ?