Agricultural machinery and construction machinery must meet the emission limits for pollutants, just like conventional vehicles such as cars and trucks must comply with the Euro standards.

The name non-road mobile machinery, as meant under the European regulations, covers vehicles or devices equipped with petrol or diesel engines that are not designed for transporting persons or goods (agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forestry or agricultural equipment, etc.).

Regulation 2016/1628 defines the emissions limits of pollutants of these machines. Just like the Euro standards, these limits are regularly reviewed in light of the technical evolutions.

Given the size and diversity of the market, transitional provisions are planned, especially the flexibility mechanism.

Flexibility mechanism:

When new emission limit comes into force, some machines under the previous standard may still be marketed if they have the requisite permission.

According to the emission limit in question, an amount equal to 20% or 37.5% of the average annual sales over de last five years of the machinery manufacturer may still be marketed.
This provision allows manufacturers to expand their research and development efforts. It is indeed a market where, compared to conventional cars, there are much more alternatives and the sales volumes are much lower. The impact of R&D is therefore proportionally greater.

Information for professionals

The equipment manufacturer wishing to benefit from the flexibility scheme may submit his application at the following address: