Gratuity of the donation

The law specifies the gratuity of the donation and the ban on all forms of trade in organs or tissue. The procurement of organs is non-lucrative in order to avoid any form of abuse.

In 1793, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens confirmed that the human body may not be the subject of trade: "Every man can contract his services and his time, but he cannot sell himself nor be sold: his person is not an alienable property."


In article 14, the law stipulates that anonymity must be maintained between the families of donors and recipients in order to avoid any form of obligation.

Respect owed to the deceased

Organ procurement and stitches on the body must be implemented in full respect for the deceased and will protect the families as far as possible. The corpse must be placed in a coffin as soon as possible in order to allow the family to pay their last respects to the deceased.

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