The Belgian Presidency will prioritise two important pillars in terms of agricultural and food policy. Firstly, food security and autonomy will be high on the agenda, while secondly, further enhancing the sustainability of food production and consumption will be a central concern.  

Particular attention will be paid to policy coherence, mainly in terms of trade, environment, and climate in order to ensure a holistic (One World, One Health) approach. Innovation, circular economy, and trade relations play an important part in that respect.   

It is important to note that competences regarding agricultural and food policy are divided between the federal and regional governments.  In the overview below, we will mainly focus on the competences of the FPS Health in this area.

A sustainable food system 

Further improving the sustainability of the food system, while ensuring a high level of food safety, animal and plant health, and energy efficiency, is necessary from an economic, social and environmental perspective. The entire process of production, processing, distribution, preparation, and consumption of food involves a broad range of activities and actors both directly and indirectly. Therefore, the Belgian Presidency is committed to further harmonise regulations and promote safety and transparency throughout the food chain, based on the 'from farm to fork' principle.  

The Belgian Presidency also aims to involve consumers more closely and encourage them to make balanced food choices Changes in consumption patterns have the greatest potential for environmental and health gains, ensuring a more resilient food system over time. In April, the FPS Health is hosting a scientific symposium on 5 years of the Nutri-Score labelling system in Belgium, at which several national and international experts will discuss nutritional labelling

Plant and animal health


In the year when the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) celebrates its centenary, the Belgian Presiency will prioritise animal health and disease prevention under the umbrella of the ‘One Health’ initiative, because animal health is everyone’s health. The Presidency is not only hosting a high-level event for this 100th anniversary to emphasise its trailblazing role as one of the founding members of WOAH, but will also work on developing a vaccine strategy to preventively combat the main infectious diseases in animals.  

Plants are the backbone of life on Earth: they provide us with the air we breathe and the food we eat. Today, plants are under heavy pressure due to climate change and human activities. That is why the FPS Public Health is organising a symposium around the topic 'Plant Health Without Borders' during the Presidency: plant pests do not stop at our borders, so neither should international collaboration. 

European dossiers and the Presidency on the international stage 

Finally, the FPS will also play a crucial role in coordinating negotiations with the other member states and the European Parliament on new legislation. This includes topics such as the sustainable use of plant protection products and the introduction of new genomic techniques in our food production.

We will also be sending our experts to all corners of the world to coordinate the EU position within the framework of the drafting of international food safety standards (Codex Alimentarius).