Choosing to consume ecological is easier thanks to the European ecolabel. It shows you which products or services are more environmentally friendly. The aim of the European ecolabel is to decrease the negative effects of production and consumption of various products on the environment, the public health, the climate and natural resources usage. Products with the EU ecolabel are mild for the environment and of high quality.

The EU ecolabel, what is it?

logo EU Ecolabel This flower shaped label exists for a variaty of product categories and services, cleaning products, from paint to textile, computers and holiday accommodations, ...

Criteria have been established for each of these product categories. These criteria take into account the environmental impact from the manufacturing process to waste disposal. Several stakeholders are involved in the development of the criteria. Furthermore, independent institutes check if the criteria are fulfilled or not. This makes the European ecolabel a reliable label.

The short film « L’Ecolabel européen pour la santé de notre planète » showcases the label by mixing the growing ecological consumption awareness among citizens with the word of experts who insist on the sustainable dimension, on the quality and on the reliability of the EU Ecolabel.

Another advantage of the EU ecolabel is the fact that it is recognised in all countries of the European Union and also in Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

You can find out a lot more about the EU ecolabel on the website

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You can find the specific criteria per product group on the European website.