Elise Derroitte
 is currently director of the Research Departement of the Christian Health Insurance Fund since 2019, where she leads a team of 20 researchers. The research themes of her department focus on a variety of topics related to health care such as access to care, medication, hospital funding, and mental health. The results of this research are published in the department’s quarterly review Santé & Société/Gezondheid & Samenleving.

Elise Derroitte is also the author of a PhD in political philosophy published under the title La critique de la critique - De la philosophie de l'histoire de Walter Benjamin.

On 22/03, she participated in the breakoutsession on COVID-19. The subject of her presentation  was the Evolution and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the use of mental health care: a quantitative study based on data from the Mutualité chrétienne/Christelijke Mutualiteit (MC-CM)

The presentation reviewed the evolution of mental health care use by MC-CM members over the last ten years, making a distinction between children and adults. This analysis was carried out on the basis of data routinely collected by the MC-CM, including ambulatory psychiatric and psychological care, hospital psychiatric admissions and psychiatric emergency care, as well as prescriptions of medication for mental health disorders. These data highlight some alarming findings, both in terms of the lack of access to care during the covid pandemic and the evolution of the use of care following the pandemic. The presentation also highlighted findings regarding the use of care by vulnerable groups and the existence of a social gradient that is unfavourable to poor groups, both in terms of health status and use of care.

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