As a citizen, you have a right of access to environmental information of Belgium. Every four years, the federal government publishes a federal report on the environment(only exists in French and Dutch) in collaboration with all federal agencieswhose scope of activity have or may have an impact on the environment. Notes on federal environmental indicators (only exists in French and Dutch) are also published every four years, two years after the federal report.

The first federal environmental reportpublished in 2010 helped to create a comprehensive inventory of the competences of each federal agency with regard to environmental matters. The main purpose of the following reports is to demonstrate the evolution of the situation in relation to this initial description.

The main lesson that could be drawn from this initial report is that important environmental responsibilities or related to the environment are still assigned at the federal level. Many sectoral action triggers are therefore located at the federal level.
The first federal environmental report

This report drew the following conclusions:

With regard to the state of the marine environment, assessing the state of the marine environment is founded on well-established scientific basis.
With regard to the environmental responsibilities: product standards in the broad sense of the term, nuclear energy, import/export/transit of animal and plant species and the transit of wasteis the "base" of the federal environmental policy.
- With regard to climate, biodiversity, the North Sea, competencies that are to be exercised by the Regions, new policies were initiated by the Federal government in the late 90s as part of the implementation of international and European commitments.
- With regard to sectoral policies, important levers for implementing policies fall outside the environmental scope. This is the case for Research and Science, taxation, public procurement, energy, consumer protection and public health, food safety, etc. These levers are fragmented between several governments and stakeholders.

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