The European regulation no. 649/2012 (PIC Regulation) on the exports and imports of hazardous chemicals  is applicable to the products that:
•  are banned or severely restricted within the European Union (these products are listed in appendix I of the regulation, section I and II);
• are covered under the Rotterdam Convention (these products are listed in appendix I of the regulation, section III).

These three sections that constitute appendix I of the PIC Regulation are regularly updated in accordance with the changes at the European and international levels. The latest updated version is available on the website of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The various obligations of exporters of these products are described under the point "Notice to exporters ".

The PIC Regulation does not apply:
• to drugs, radioactive materials, wastes, chemical weapons, food and food additives, feeding stuffs, genetically modified organisms,  pharmaceuticals (except disinfectants, insecticides and parasiticides), as defined in other  European Union legislation.
• to the chemicals exported or imported for research or analysis provided that the quantities are not likely to affect human health or the environment and are in any case not more than 10 kg of the substance by itself or 10 kg of the substance when contained in mixtures (or preparations) with other substances. It should be noted that a special administrative procedure has been set up to facilitate exports that are exempted from the provisions of the Regulation. This procedure is described in point 2 of the point "Notice to exporters".