On 12 October, the Minister of Public Health and the FPS Public Health launched the Indoor Air Quality Platform. Its objective is to provide a consultation space for the stakeholders affected by this theme, which involves the health of everyone.

The platform, one of the pillars of the law on indoor air quality

The Law on Indoor Air Quality calls for the platform to prepare advice and share and exchange knowledge to support the implementation of a broad legislative framework specifically dedicated to indoor air quality.

The platform aims to host scientists and operators directly involved in improving indoor air quality in closed spaces accessible to the public. It will therefore bring together:

  • policy-makers and experts from the relevant administrations,
  • scientists,
  • representatives of the sectors concerned (hospitality, culture and events, sports), and
  • manufacturers, importers and installers of ventilation, purification and CO2 meters.

Different working groups will be created. They will focus on scientific monitoring, communication and awareness, collaboration with business sectors and economic operators, and cooperation between competent administrations. These groups will become operational as soon as the law enters into force and will be coordinated by the FPS Public Health.

Overview of current scientific knowledge

At the event, Sciensano presented the results of the AIR-CO study on the different types of pollutants present in indoor air and how the addition of outdoor air can improve indoor air quality. This study was conducted in collaboration with VITO (Flemish Institution for Technological Research).

Ventilation and Energy

Current energy costs raise many questions. The answer to the energy crisis lies in better insulation and more efficient heating systems. But increased airtightness in buildings can reduce indoor air quality. The solution is therefore to install modern, energy-efficient ventilation systems. With this type of system, most of the heat contained in the air is recovered and added to fresh air through various technical processes. These devices improve the energy efficiency of buildings without letting in too much cold outside air. Manufacturers and researchers are currently working on technological innovations that combine energy performance and improved indoor air quality and are more economical in the long term. Several types of solutions may be possible to respond to the energy crisis. These options will be examined in collaboration with the sectors concerned within the framework of the platform.

Testimonies from the field

Several sectors of activity shared their experiences. The Horeca Federation Brussels has launched a study on air purification in several establishments managed by its operators. As part of the "Here, only the film will take your breath away!" project, the Albert de Dendermonde cinema has set up a system to determine the maximum number of people allowed in a room based on the performance levels of the ventilation and purification systems.

Speaker presentations:

  • Minister's speech
  • Speech by Pierre Kerkhofs, Director General of DG Environment of FPS Public Health
  • AIR-CO pilot study
  • Energy and Ventilation
  • "Here, only the film will take your breath away!"

The recording of the conference is available in the original version.

For more information on indoor air quality: https://www.health.belgium.be/fr/sante