As a seller of biocides you have to be well aware of the hazards and risks of closed circuit biocides, and of the safety measures and know well what to do when something goes wrong. The label and the authorisation act contains the key information. You can find this information in the general safety regulations.

Inform the buyer

As a seller of closed ircuit biocides, you are also obliged to inform the buyer properly about the safe use of biocides and to assist them in their purchase.

  • Remind the buyer that they, too, are obliged to register online as a professional user of biocides.
  • Inform them about the hazards and risks of the biocide and tell them how to use the product safely.
  • On the invoice or receipt, state: “This product is a closed circuit biocide.”
  • Store personal protective equipment, such as gloves or masks, away from closed circuit biocides. Especially if non-professional users have access to these biocidal products.


You can find the key information on your obligations to register and inform in the brochure

Biocides. What are your obligations as a seller?

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