On November 13, 2019 an international workshop took place at the Federal Public Service of Public Health in Brussels,  on dealing with cultural diversity  in the hospital.  Speakers from over the whole world (Italy, Ireland, Canada, Norway and Australia gave, before  a very captivated audience, presentations about how, in their country or region, cultural diversity is shaped in an often innovative way. Countless examples of good practices were proposed.

You can view or download the presentations and the videos of the speakers via the links below:

The migrant friendly strategy of the Local Health Authority of Reggio Emilia: an organisational approach to health equity / Antonio Chiarenza  [presentation]  [video]

Developing a Culture of Person Centredness and Equity in Community Healthcare in Ireland / James Glover & John Nwobo [presentation]  [video]

Advances in Equity Inclusion: MUHC, Quebec and Beyond / Marie Serdynska  [presentation]  [video]

Advancing Health Equity at the Hospital for Sick Children / Karima Karmali  [presentation]  [video]

Equitable health care in Norway: An overview and examples of good practice /  Ragnhild Storstein Spilker  [presentation]  [video]

Implementing Partnering in healthcare: A framework for better care and outcomes / Lidia Horvat  [presentation]  [video]

What can be learned from the MIPEX Health strand about responsiveness to diversity in health services / David Ingleby  [presentation]  [video]


You can view some pictures of this event via this link .