There is an ever increasing demand for sustainably produced wood. With his purchase, the consumer wants a guarantee that the wood (product) he chose, effectively originates from a sustainably managed forest. This is only possible by means of a label, which represents a certification system.

Currently there are 2 labels that you can find in Belgium: FSC and PEFC. It is possible that in the future other labels will be added.


The FSC standard is based on strict criteria in the economic, social and environmental area, which are further adapted to the local context. Every forest owner or manager, wherever in the world, can have his forest verified according to the FSC requirements. These verifications on site are done by independent agencies and take place at least once a year. If the forest management complies with the requirements, an FSC forest certificate is issued, and the wood may be sold as FSC labelled wood.

In order to be able to guarantee that an FSC labelled product indeed effectively originates from an FSC forest, a verification is also necessary along the processing chain between the forest and the end customer. Every company in this chain is checked in the area of traceability of FSC products within the company. If the rules are respected, the company receives its own FSC certificate.


PEFC International formulates, together with its stakeholders, strict criteria with which sustainable forest management must comply. These criteria are established at an international level and are adapted at the local level. The 76 criteria include both ecological, social and economic aspects of forest management. An independent auditor checks on site whether the forest managers comply with these criteria. The PEFC certificate for the forest guarantees sustainable forest management.

Once the wood leaves the forest, it ends up in a chain of companies which process it. Each company that wants to sell PEFC, must have a Chain of Custody Certificate. The entire chain must be certified before a product may end up with a label at the end customer. Here also, every year there is a verification by an independent certificate institute, which checks whether the company actually does comply with the requirements of this verification chain.

If you would like your company to be certified, please contact:

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