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Pursuant to Article 11(2) of the Royal Decree of 4 April 2019, the registration, authorisation or notification acceptance expires on the date on which the (last) active substance has been approved. By this date, registration, authorisation or notification holders must apply to the European authorities and pay the required fee if they wish to keep their product on the Belgian market.

Therefore, on the date of approval of the (last) active substance, the product authorised in Belgium disappears from the list of authorised products and reappears on it after the European application fee has been paid.

For your information:

  • The column "stock liquidation" with "sell out" and "use" data in the list of authorised products shall be filled in ONLY if a negative opinion has been issued for a product with the possibility of selling off existing stocks OR if the authorisation number or notification number has been modified (e.g. in the transition from the Belgian procedure to the European procedure or from the notification procedure to the authorisation procedure).
  • The automatic extensions were not subject to a new full authorisation report. That is the reason why the authorisation expiry dates on the list and in the authorisation report which can be consulted online are not always identical. For the authorisation expiry date, please use the date which is shown in this list and not the one mentioned in the authorisation report which can be consulted via the hypertext link.
  • This list includes the following information: name of the biocide; Name of the company; Authorisation number; Class (not classified/A); Hazard (Xi, N, etc.); R phrases (risk = R10, R37, etc.); Type (1, 2, 3, …, 22); Form (liquid, powder, etc.); authorisation expiry date; stock liquidation; GSH hazard; H code; EUH code; the link to the authorisation/notification report, etc.): "http:://…".

List of temporary authoriSATIONS DELIVERED in the context of the fight against Covid-19

All the temporary authorisations delivered in the context of the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) are to be found here

Interactive list of authorised biocides (click on the image)

The interactive list of authorised biocidal products is no longer available in Tableau format. Pending the upcoming launch of the new search engine which is linked to the list of authorised biocidal products, you can temporarily consult it in the form of an Excel file with filters allowing cross-searches.

It is possible to search by: name of the biocidal product; authorisation number; name of the company; type (from 1 to 22/23); role (bactericide, virucide, etc.); form (liquid, powder, etc.); class (class A , unclassified); user (general public/professional); active substance and its concentration (in % or in g/l); CAS number of the active substance.

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Belgian market: annual report (click on the image)

Since 2010, the FPS has drafted an annual report on the biocides market in Belgium and since 2013 (data from 2012), the report has been published in the form of an interactive tool.

To consult the annual report, please download and install the free “Tableau Reader” application first.

The annual report contains two parts (graphics and lists) where information can be consulted interactively:


Belgian Market: Annual Report

Since 2010, the FPS has drafted an annual report on the biocides market in Belgium and since 2013 (data from 2012), the report has been published in the form of an interactive tool.

The annual report contains two parts (graphics and lists) where information can be consulted interactively.


This section contains the various data in the FPS' possession pertaining to the number and quantity of biocides and active substances per year. It is possible to take a look at the evolution of the market over the years, as well as the breakdown of biocides during the selected year in terms of group, type, class, user group and score (= hazard point of the biocides indicated in the authorisation report). It is therefore possible to select a reference year and carry out a search per group and/or type of biocides.

As for the quantities, the FPS disposes of the annual declarations of biocides placed on the market, which must be fulfilled before the 31 January of each year. Based on these annual declarations, the quantities and numbers of biocides, as well as the active substances, are available for all biocides; per group, per type of product; according to the classification of biocides: class A, unclassified, intended for the general public and/or professionals.


This section includes 3 lists associated with a selected year.

  1. List of biocides: shows the name of biocides, the authorisation number, the role, the type of product, the group, the company responsible for placing it on the market. It is possible to carry out searches on all these data.
  2. List of active substances: shows the list of active substances. You can carry out searches on the name of the active substance of the CAS number of the latter.
  3. List of companies: shows the name of those responsible for placing the biocides on the Belgian market and the corresponding countries. You can carry out a search by company name and/or country.

The progression of biocides observed since 2010 is a result of the European obligation of the notification of products which had not been subject to authorisation up until that point. The differences which can be observed between the number and quantity of biocides, or active substances, can be explained by the fact that companies request authorisations without necessarily placing the biocides on the market. The increase in the quantity of active substances from 2014 onwards is due to the declarations relating to the obligations "in situ".

Until 2014, biocides were either class A or general public 2014

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