In order to meet the needs of the Action Plan and the European Directive, the decision was taken to reinforce the GIFT Project in order to:

  • support hospitals with a "donor potential" by offering them new agreements designed to implement the local donation coordination function,
  • intensify collaboration between reference transplant centres and peripheral centres,
  • offer all hospitals access to a regular training system set up by FPS Health and the reference transplant centres.

    With the prior setting up of the GIFT Project, FPS Health had a precise idea of donation activity in each hospital that was a member of the Project. The criteria for adhering to a new local donation coordination function agreement were drawn up.

Today, the GIFT Project has benefited from a  structure and the local donation coordination function  is officially recognised and governed by a Royal Decree published in the Moniteur Belge. Dating from 23.11.2012.

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