The Stockholm Convention was ratified in November 2004.

The European regulation no.2019/1021 from June 2019 implements the commitments made under the Convention. 

This regulation prohibits the production and use of the following substances: aldrin, chlordane, chlordecone, dieldrin, endrin, hexabromobiphenyl, mirex, toxaphene, DDT, heptachlor, HCB and HCH (including lindane).

Moreover, it restricts the use of the PCBs, PFOS and the tetra-, penta-, hexa and heptabromodiphenyl ether, and encourages countries to reduce their emissions of dioxins, furanes, HCB, PCB, HAP and PeCB.

Lastly, it fixes specific limits for incineration of urban waste, hazardous waste and medical waste.

Each Party, including the European Community, in order to fulfil its obligations towards the Convention, must prepare and implement an action plan for the POPs listed in the Convention. The Community Implementation Plan was adopted in March 2007.  The last update was published in January 2019 on the website of the Convention.

For more information, view the website of the European Commission and the heading "More about this topic".