Attention, from 17 January 2022 onwards, Medex can no longer perform medical examinations for boatmen.

A recent Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications in inland navigation stipulates that from 17 January 2022 the regions must recognise the doctors who are allowed to perform the medical examinations of inland skippers.

For the Flemish Region, we refer to the information on the website of De Vlaamse Waterweg: VisuRIS - Medische verklaring

In the Walloon Region, medical certificates established after January 17, 2022 may be issued by any doctor with an NIHDI* number.

*National Institute for Healthcare and Disability Insurance, see Service Center Health | NIHDI (


AR 13/12/1998LOI - WET (

KB 13/12/1998LOI - WET (

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