There are 5 types of certificates, as many as there are classes. The medical certificate is of class 1, 2, 3, 4 or LAPL when it relates to a licence for, respectively, class 1, 2, 3, 4 or LAPL. All certificates are EASA certificates, with the exception of the class 4 certificate, which is a national certificate.


How long is a medical certificate valid ?

In your capacity as a pilot or an air traffic controller, you must ensure that you are at all times holder of a valid medical certificate. A medical certificate will never be delivered without a medical examination.

You must take the necessary measures in time to extend your certificate.

The Directorate-General Air Navigation of the FPS Mobility will never extend a licence without a valid medical certificate.   Moreover, you may be required to produce your medical certificate at all times. So keep the expiry date of the certificate well in mind and make an appointment in time for a medical examination. 

The period of validity of your certificate depends on your age and class.


  Age period of validity
Certificate class 1 Single pilot with passengers <40 1 year
≥40  6 months
Single pilot without passengers or multi-pilot (with or without passengers) <60 1 year
≥60 6 months
Certificate class 2 <40 5 years
≥40  et <50 2 years
≥50 1 year
Certificate class 3* <40 2 years
≥40 1 year
Certificate class 4 <40 5 years
≥40 2 years
Certificate class LAPL <40 5 years
≥40 2 years

* Class 3 medical examinations are not conducted by FAM.

When do you receive your medical certificate ?

If you have to undergo specific examinations, you must of course first wait for the results of these examinations (for initial examinations this is always the case). This may take several weeks. Afterwards, the medical certificate will be sent to you by post.

In other cases, you will get the medical certificate immediately on condition that your previous approval took place by Medex. Even if you are not suitable, our doctor will let you know immediately. 

What should you do when you are ill, injured or if you are pregnant ?


Illness or injury

As soon as you are unfit to work for 21 calendar days because of illness or injury, your medical certificate is no longer valid. You must send the certificate to the medical centre (or approved medical practitioner) that delivered the certificate to you.

To obtain your medical certificate once again, you must undergo a medical examination in your medical centre (or with your approved medical practitioner). 

If the medical examination shows that you are fit to work, you receive your certificate again. You also receive a proof of your examination. If the doctor decides that you are unfit to work, the certificate remains suspended and you must undergo another medical examination at a later date.



As soon as your doctor confirms that you are pregnant, you must immediately hand in your certificate to the medical centre (or approved medical practitioner) that delivered the certificate to you. If your gynaecologist can demonstrate that your pregnancy is uncomplicated, the doctor or your medical centre can declare you fit to fly until the end of the 26th week of your pregnancy.

After childbirth, you will have to undergo a medical examination again to get your certificate back.



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