A medical examination comprises a detailed analysis of your medical history. With the help of a series of examinations, our doctor checks if you meet the physical and mental aptitude criteria defined in the regulations. Specialists may have to be consulted, according to the type of examination.

There are different types of medical examinations according to:

  • your class,
  • age,
  • whether it is a first medical examination or an examination for extension or renewal of the licence and of the medical certificate.


initial examination general examination

When ?

If you apply for the first time for a medical examination.

If your certificate has expired more than 5 years ago.

When ?

If you want to extend or renew your licence.

If your medical certificate has been suspended due to a long-term unfitness to work.


  • General examination (see right column).
  • Ear, nose or throat examination (ENT).
  • Eye examination


Medical examination consisting of:

  • Clinical examination 
  • Routine examination such as urine test and depending on the age, additional examinations may be needed

What do you have to take along with you for an examination ?


  • Your medical certificate that will expire (not applicable in case of initial examination);
  • Your flight license (not applicable in case of initial examination);
  • A valid identity card;
  • Your glasses and replacement glasses if you use them;
  • A proof of payment if you have paid the medical examination by bank transfer. 



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