23/02/2023 - Call for submission of new RT, RF and RI-Euphresco project proposals & pre-announcement of the ICRAD call 


The call for new RT, RF and RI-Euphresco project proposals is open. The applicant's guide and all related documents can be found under "open calls".

Furthermore, the pre-announcement of the ICRAD (International Coordination of research on Infectious Animal Diseases) call for which Contractual Research provides funding is available on the ICRAD website. This call is entitled "Helminth infections and changing climate: tackling the challenges for animal health" and comprises three research areas:

  1. anthelmintic resistance
  2. impacts of climate change and vector borne diseases on animal health
  3. development of novel and improved vaccine and diagnostic tools and platforms

The Contract Research unit will provide funding for project proposals within the first two research areas.
The call will be launched on 3 April 2023 and will be published on the ICRAD website.


Contact information

Contractual Research
FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment

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02 524 90 92 (Ria Nouwen)
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