On the 31st of  March at an event hosted by Belgium, the OECD presented its report on the country's environmental performance. The video and presentations are now available.

More than 250 Belgian experts from regional and federal administrations answered the OECD's questions. Ministers of Environment Alain Maron (Brussels-Capital), Zuhal Demir (Flanders), Céline Tellier (Wallonia) and Zakia Khattabi (Federal) welcomed this extensive co-ordination exercise between the Regions and the Federal State and stressed that several of the OECD's major recommendations correspond to the current approaches and priorities in Belgian policies.

The Environmental Performance Review (EPR) is a recurring cycle of analysis and exchange between the OECD and, in this case, the Belgian authorities. The last review was conducted in 2007. The current report takes stock of Belgium's policies over the past 13 years. It covers the themes:

  • water and air quality,
  • waste and circular economy,
  • biodiversity,
  • climate change,
  • sustainable development and green growth,
  • compliance with legislation and governance (access to information and justice for citizens),
  • coordination of the environmental policies of the Regions and the Federal Government.

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