The Clinical Trials College is looking for three lawyers.

  • For more information, refer to the call for candidates that was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 28/06/2023
  • Send your application in the form of a registered letter by 28/08/2023 to

The Minister of health p/a:
FPS Public Health
Ms. Annick Poncé, Deputy Director-General of Healthcare,
Galileelaan 5, bus 2,
1210 Brussel

Mention clearly for which mandate you apply. Your curriculum vitae contains at least the following information :
- surname, first name and residence;
- diplomas;
- any useful information that allows to check your eligibility as a candidate.
Optional: send your application by mail to

Mission of the Clinical Trials College

The mission of this College is multifaceted and consists among other things of:

  • overseeing the consistent application of the law,
  • quality control of the ethics committees,
  • formulating advices concerning the application of the European regulation, the law, and its implementing acts.

The institution of a Clinical Trials College within the FPS Health, Food chain safety and Environment is described in the law of 7th of May 2017. The mission of the College is described in the law of 7 May 2017 (clinical trials), the law of 22 December 2020 (medical devices) and the law of 15 June 2022 (Medical devices for in-vitro diagnostics).
An administrative team within the FPS Health, Food chain safety and Environment supports the Board of the College.
More information on the Clinical Trials College

  • For more information about the mission, tasks and competences of the College, the law, and its implementing acts, please visit
  • If you have questions about this call, send a message to