In March 2022 the European Commission and the Belgian FPS Public Health set up a hub in Belgium to efficiently transport medicines and medical equipment donated by private companies to Ukraine.

This partnership under the Commission’s RescEU donations scheme was originally envisioned for a duration of six months, however, as the need for emergency medical supplies in Ukraine persisted, and we continued to receive donations, the project was prolonged. Initially with an extra six months and eventually – on top of this – with an additional year.

This partnership with the European Commission came at a crucial time when the emergency situation in Ukraine required a united and coordinated crisis response. In the past two years we have transported donations worth more than € 5.000.000 spread out over more than 600 pallets.

Today we are concluding this critical phase of the operation and closing the ongoing EU-funded project that has been facilitating medical aid into Ukraine. Our partnership with the EU will continue and we stand ready to scale our operations back up at a moment’s notice, should the situation call for it.

Belgium will continue to support Ukraine with our own assistance and we will evaluate donations by third parties on a case by case basis. The European Commission will continue delivering private donations to Ukraine via its hub in Poland. 

“Channeling these - sometimes lifesaving – donations within de RescEU framework truly show what governments, private firms and the EU can achieve when working together towards a common goal. We hope that this prototype system can be a successful example for future similar situations.”

Dirk Ramaekers
Chair of the Belgian FPS Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment