More than 23,000 girls and women who have undergone genital mutilation live in Belgium. To help them, two multidisciplinary hospital centres have been created in our country.
Located at the Sint- Pieter Hospital in Brussels (CeMAViE centre) and at the UZGent (Vrouwenkliniek), they provide holistic care for women and girls who have undergone female genital mutilation: medical, surgical, sexological and psychological care. This care is fully reimbursed by the social security, including clitoral reconstruction.
On the International day of the fight against female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a national campaign is being launched by GAMS Belgium. The aim is to raise awareness about the existence of these centres and to invite women who suffered FGM to come forward. 
New communication tools :
·        A movie presenting multidisciplinary care at CeMAViE, CHU Saint-Pierre Brussels
·        A movie presenting multidisciplinary care at Vrouwenkliniek, UZ Gent
·        An animated movie, available in six languages
·        A brochure about the two accredited multidisciplinary centres in Belgium :

You can order the posters and the brochures about the multidisciplinary centres for women affected by Female Genital Mutliation at Please specify your address and the number of posters and brochures you wish to receive and how many per language.
They will be sent free of charge.

  • UZ Vrouwenkliniek (UZ Gent) in het Nederlands
  • UZ Vrouwenkliniek (UZ Gent) en Français
  • UZ Vrouwenkliniek (UZ Gent) in English
  • CeMAViE (UMC Sint-Pieter Brussel) in het Nederlands
  • CeMAViE (CHU Saint-Pierre Bruxelles) en Français
  • CeMAViE (CHU Saint-Pierre Bruxelles) in English
  • Number of posters (in three languages NL FR EN)

·        A poster about this campaign (in 3 languages) :