Every year, the Federal Public Service of Public Health publishes general data on the Belgian biocides market. As of this year, there is a new, user-friendly tool to view the biocides market data in detail. The impact of the corona pandemic on the market has translated into higher declared quantities of biocides, mainly in human hygiene biocides in 2020 and to a lesser extent in 2021.

The FPS receives the annual quantities of biocides placed on the market, data that the industry must report annually by 31 January. These data allow to monitor the biocides market with quantitative information on biocides and active substances. Since 2013, data on the biocides market have been offered in an interactive way. The updated report with data from 2017 to 2021 can be consulted online at the following link: Annual report of the Belgian biocides market.

The annual report consists of 2 major sections, on products and active substances. The data can be consulted using graphs. The data can be viewed by group (disinfectants; preservatives; pesticides and other biocides), by product type, according to product distribution (closed/free circuit) or user category (general public/professional users).

The corona crisis explains the sharp increase in the quantities of biocides on the market in 2020 (4.5 times more for human hygiene disinfectants or 'PT1'). The figures for 2021 are lower than for 2020, but still higher than before the corona crisis.

The report does not include information on the temporary authorizations and registrations issued under the corona crisis. The temporary permissions and registrations no longer to apply.

The website biocide.be offers publications on biocidal products and  some explanatory notes on the interactive report (see annual report). 

For more information, please contact the Biocides Helpdesk by e-mail (info.biocides@health.fgov.be).