Two long years already that we live with COVID-19. 

Every day, healthcare providers from different sectors unfailingly gave their all in order to provide the public with the best possible care. At the policy level, various structures and agencies were set up to manage the pandemic in our country. Many individuals within them have been working every day to monitor the evolution of the spread of the virus, taking into account scientific evidence and formulating appropriate measures. 

While there has been a lot of media coverage on this issue, do you really know how our FPS has been and continues to be involved during this time? It is time to look back at the impact of the pandemic as well as the actions taken in the context of the crisis. The publication “Key data in healthcare:  COVID-19” covers the period from the start of the pandemic in March 2020 up to June 2021.

In this publication, we decided to focus on the areas in which the Directorate-General for Healthcare of the Federal Public Service for Health, Safety of the Food Chain and the Environment was actively involved during the pandemic.
- We provide an overview of the actions and initiatives in terms of organisation, financing and quality. These actions were all taken in close cooperation with other services within our FPS and our partner organisations such as the NIHDI and the FAMHP.
- The crisis required the collaboration of many actors on the same front. This report details the role of the different structures put in place, in order to help better understand the management of this crisis.

This publication covers the first year of the crisis. However, the pandemic continues and our work to protect the citizen does not stop. We already plan to explain to you in a future edition all our actions to limit the spread of this virus.

“Key data in health care” is a set of publications that dissects the functioning of general hospitals, mental health care as well as emergency, medical and psychosocial health care. All previous editions can be found on the website