Are you a consultant or professional in the chemical or allied industries? Or are you distributing biocides from the closed circuit? Do you have questions about the labelling of hazardous mixtures, nanomaterials, environmental standards for batteries, packaging, heaters, ...? From Monday 31 October 2016 onwards, you can use the new helpdesk of the Service on Product policy & Chemicals (DPPC). You can reach this by

What can you expect from this new desk?

  • You can formulate and submit questions by yourself via a web form
  • You can register for a personal account and in this way check at any time the status of your questions
  • You will find in a well-organized way all useful information about biocides, chemicals, ...

The old contact addresses (like will be diverted and finally disappear. Telephone support will only be possible after the submission of a full ticket form with the request to be called back. From 31.10 onwards, there will be no general number available anymore for professional users concerning questions about biocides, closed circuit, chemicals, CLP or product standards.