Today marks the annual #WorldVentil8Day.
It is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of effective ventilation for the health and well-being of people around the world.
There are many benefits to good ventilation: it improves the quality of your sleep, helps you concentrate and be more productive, reduces exposure to pollutants and limits the transmission of respiratory infections, etc. Building ventilation is also essential to avoid problems of damp and mould, which can also be harmful to your health.

Ventilation, yes. But even in winter?

Of course! In addition to the benefits listed above, ventilating your home in winter can help reduce your heating bill. This is because your activities (washing, cooking, showering, or just breathing) increase the humidity in the air. Humid air is harder to heat than dry air. When you ventilate, you renew the air in the room, so you use less energy to heat it.
The FPS Public Health attaches great importance to this issue: the law for the improvement of indoor air quality in closed places accessible to the public celebrated its first anniversary on 6 November. The legislation needed to implement it is currently being finalised. We can be proud that Belgium has put in place a policy to improve indoor air quality, such as few have existed in the world to date.

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