The first Belgium Builds Back Circular (BBBC) investment projects event has revealed the 12 beneficiaries of the first call. These projects are particularly innovative in terms of the circular economy and stand out for their technical and social approaches. Whatever their field - cycling, healthcare, wind power, biomimicry - they all offer solutions for reducing pressure on the environment by limiting the use of raw materials, promoting efficient recycling and creating jobs.

Discover the Belgian companies and their circular objectives behind these projects, classified according to the BBBC call 1 themes:

Would you like more information? We will be bringing you more detailed information on these projects in the coming months. Feel free to consult and apply for the second BBBC call for projects.

Bicylce projects

E-bis zevensporenplan - Recommercialisation of formerly sub-leased bicycles
Entreprise responsable: E-Bis
Amount received: €554,179.45
Brief description: This recommercialisation project aims to put bicycles back on the market that have already been used under leasing contracts. It covers refurbishment, new rental and resale to consumers and businesses.

Alle kinderen op Wielekes
Responsible company: vzw WijDelen(link is external)
Partner companies: Mpact vzw 7; De Transformisten; Timelab vzw; De Fietsambassade; Arteveldehogeschool
Amount received: €576,267.50
Brief description: Alle kinderen op Wielekes is a project that encourages the more circular use of children's bicycles. It aims to make cycling a reality for everyone by making it affordable through a subscription system that provides access to quality used bikes, parts and accessories.

Responsible company: Bilmo
Partner companies: Daurema SRL; Swarn SRL; Sortbat
Amount received: €436,048
Brief description: CYCLOOP aims to offer a more eco-responsible alternative to urban delivery vehicles. In particular, it is proposing the development of a fleet of circular cargo bikes with a repairable battery and a regular inspection and maintenance system.

Blue Bike Sharing for Life
Responsible company: Blue-mobility NV
Partner company: Velo VZW
Amount received: €500,000
Brief description: The Blue-bike "Sharing for Life" project complements the existing range of shared bikes with an electric variant that comes with a lifetime guarantee. The bike will be built from new materials that will be repaired and reused wherever possible. This circular bicycle offers a response to the efficient and careful use of resources and materials.

Responsible company and contact: Mobiel 21
Partner companies: KUL; ProveloCycloWerecircle; Velo
Amount received: €250,000
Brief description: Velocircular is looking to introduce an inventory management model for the bicycle market. The idea is to map the incoming and outgoing flows of bicycles and their parts. This inventory will be used to formulate recommendations for establishing repair and life-cycle scores.

Biomimicry projects

Realiseren van componenten met biomimetische oppervlaktefunctionaliteit door middel van femtoseconde lasertextureren
Responsible companySIRRIS
Amount received: €679,165.50
Brief description: This project aims to create components with biomimetic functionality using femtosecond laser texturing, an innovative surface treatment technology. SIRRIS plans to promote this technology through a range of communication initiatives.

Responsible company: Permafungi
Amount received: €908,580.84
Brief description: Permateria aims to use organic waste (including coffee grounds) as a substrate for mushroom cultivation. This waste is then used to produce materials with new functional properties (thermal insulation, etc.).

Léém - Leveraging Excavated Earth Materials
Responsible company: BC Materials
Amount received: €803,391
Brief description: Léém's ambition is to transform the different varieties of excavated earth (clay, silt, sand, gravel) into circular, low-carbon building materials such as clay plasters, clay bricks, etc.

Healthcare projects

Project BFF - Biotransformation For the Future
Responsible company: GZA Ziekenhuizen
Amount received: €545,600
Brief description: BFF is a fermentation process with four key objectives:

  • to create a new circular production line using biowaste
  • to reduce CO2 emissions
  • to combat biodiversity loss by producing high-quality plant-based foods
  • to reduce dependence on resources

The Circular Kickstart: Healthcare Challenge
Responsible company: The Circular Hub
Partner companies: Emmaus; UZ Gent; Ghent University; Verso; CHC Liege; GZA vzw; AZ Sint-Jan Brugge; Verhaert new Products & Services;World’s Natural Balance BV;Kanaal Z
Amount received: €500,000
Brief description: The Circular Kickstart aims to offer start-ups in the healthcare sector the opportunity to work in a circular economy-oriented way. The focus is on single-use healthcare products, infrastructure and mobility.

Wind power projects

C-Blade - Circular Solutions for wind turbine blades
Responsible companySIRRIS
Entreprises partenairesIsoform ; New Eurac ; Polysto Group BV ; Etablissements Simonis ;Revimaxx NV; Roltex NV; Villeroy & Boch Welness NV
Amount received: 874.028,36€
Brief description: C-Blade aims to develop more efficient ecological processing for wind turbine blades. Recycling is currently low, but could improve with new uses. Over 2,000 tonnes of blades, the current Belgian deposit, could be recycled more efficiently.

Responsible company: Provinciale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij West-Vlaanderen
Partner company : De blauwe cluster
Amount received: 352.521€
Brief description: Ready4Decom will set up a strategy, involving all stakeholders, for a sustainable and circular approach to the demolition and refurbishment of onshore and offshore wind turbines.