Article 33 of the REACH Regulation envisages that information on substances of very high concern (abbreviated as SVHC) in the articles must be provided by the firm:
- by default to recipients of the articles in the supply chain
- on demand to the consumers
so that they can use these articles without any risks. This condition is applicable when the concentration of these substances in an article is greater than 0.1% weight/weight (w/w).

The calculation method of this 0,1% threshold is still under discussion at European level. It is why Belgium together with Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden and Norway have elaborated a guidance describing the only valid method on their territory. The application of this threshold guarantees articles conformity on the whole European market  Article 7.2 of the same Regulation envisages that the firms have an obligation to notify ECHA about substances of very high concern given in the "candidate list of substances" and present in the articles when following two conditions are fulfilled:
• the substance is present in the articles produced or imported by a participant in total quantity exceeding 1 tonne per year 
• the substance is present in the articles in concentration greater than 0.1 % weight/weight (w/w).