In Belgium, at the start of 2000, the number of organ donors was falling and waiting lists were growing resulting in a rise in the death rate among patients on waiting lists.

Concerned about this situation, in June 2005, the Minister for Public Health decided to set up a large-scale information campaign devoted entirely to organ donation.

Since then, many actions undertaken by the FPS Health have reinforced those implemented on a daily basis by transplant coordinators, local donation coordinators, donor family associations and transplant patient associations over a great many years.


The main objectives of this campaign are:

  • to improve information about donation among the different groups targeted by the messages,
  • invite citizens to "dare" to talk about the subject with family, friends and colleagues. Death - one's own death - is still a subject that is relatively taboo for many people.


At the start of this campaign, different target groups were identified in order to convey the most appropriate messages possible.  Thus, several groups were identified:

  • citizens,
  • municipal administrations,
  • medical and nursing staff in intensive care units and emergency services,
  • schools,
  • judicial authorities.

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