The LIFE programme for the period 2014-2020 finances projects in the entire European Union that benefit the environment and the climate. The project subsidies aim to realise environment and climate objectives in this area and promote innovative environment en climate technologies.

The LIFE budget for this period amounts to Euro 3.4 billion. With this, particularly subsidies to projects are granted. Besides, the budget is used to support financial instruments (such as loans and share funds) through banks. For both 81% of the total LIFE budget is reserved. Finally, this budget also contributes financially to environment organisations with a European effect.
In comparison with other European funds it concerns a small fund.

Sub-programmes environment and climate
The LIFE programme 2014-2020 has a sub-programme environment and a sub-programme climate, with respectively a budget of Euro 2.6 billion and Euro 0.8 billion.

In the programme environment projects can be submitted in three domains:
- environment and resource efficiency;
- nature and biodiversity, and
- environment administration and information.

55% of the project subsidies in this sub-programme are appropriated to the nature and biodiversity part.

Under the sub-programme climate projects have to fit in with one of these domains:
- climate mitigation – the reduction of greenhouse gas emission;
- climate adaptation – the adaptation to the consequences of climate change and
- climate administration and information.

Regulation (EU) no 1293/2013 concerning the enactment of a programme for the environment and climate action (LIFE) determines the LIFE-programme.

The section LIFE projects gives more information about the contents of such projects, the submission modalities and the different types of projects. The section LIFE project calls further examines the organisation of a project call.