Each year the European Commission launches a project call for project subsidies. Companies, non-governmental organisations and administrations can submit projects.

Long term work programmes
In order to remain an efficient instrument with the greatest possible impact, the LIFE fund is worked out through two subsequent work programmes. They create a framework for the organisation of the project calls. The first long term work programme runs from 2014-2017, the second from 2018-2020. A work programme gives information on the budget distribution, the thematic priorities, the types of projects, the selection method, the project subjects for traditional projects, objectives, indicators per priority area and the like.
Besides traditional LIFE projects, it will be possible for larger scale LIFE projects to take place, which ensure the integration of environment actions in other activities.

Traditional projects
For traditional project subsidies, a project proposal must be submitted electronically, no later than on the date of the project call. The projects are selected at EU level through different selection stages. The projects which are dropped, will be informed. Projects which run through all selection phases, will still get questions in order to adapt the project, after which the final selection takes place.

Integrated projects
Regarding project subsidies for integrated projects, the submission happens in two phases. First a brief concept and strategy memorandum must be submitted concerning the plan or the strategy that is carried out. The European Commission will ask the submitter about this. Subsequently a worked out project proposal is submitted and evaluated by the Commission.

National contacts
Every member state has contacts which can provide more information about the project calls.

Consult the contacts

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