Regulation for the electric mains

The Belgian legislation (General Regulations for Electric Installations (RGIE/AREI)) limits the strength of the electric field that is generated by the electricity grid to (Ministerial Decree of 20 April 1988) :

• 5 kV/m in residential areas or residential expansion areas;
• 7 kV/m along roads;
• 10 kV/m in other places.

So far there is no federal Belgian legislation for the limitation of public exposure to magnetic fields of 50 Hz. Belgium has adopted the European recommendation of 100 µT. (recommendation of the Council 1999/519/EC). This is the limit for preventing strong currents in the body.

Elia, the operator of the Belgian transmission grid, is responsible for technical supervision. Elia measures the electric and magnetic field in homes free of charge.

Standards for electrical household appliances

Electrical household appliances, such as washing machines, hairdryers, electric blankets and microwave ovens, may only be launched on the market if they are safe and do not pose a danger to the health. This also applies for the electric and magnetic radiation that can be caused by these appliances. This requirement is established in the European low-voltage directive (2006/95/EC) and is specified further in the European product standards under this directive.

The compliance of this regulation is checked by the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy.

You can download all information of the section "Electricity" in its entirety as a PDF document (information sheet “Electricity and health”).