Regulations (EC) 883/2004 and 987/2009 – the European Health Insurance Card


On showing your European Health Insurance Card* (EHIC) you are entitled to healthcare subject to the conditions applying to the public health insurance (fees, reimbursement rules, etc.) in the country where you are receiving care.

Depending on the legislation of the country of treatment, healthcare is either free of charge or, if you have to pay, the costs are reimbursed. If you have to pay up front, you can claim reimbursement from a health insurance fund* in the country of treatment, or, if you have been unable to complete the reimbursement procedure, you can, on your return home, claim reimbursement from your Belgian health insurance fund*.

The costs are reimbursed according to the rules and rates of the country where you received the healthcare.

What should you do?

You can consult the European Commission website to check what you should do, for each country, if you need medically necessary care, and to which type of care you are entitled.

You fall ill during a short stay in France and are admitted to a public hospital. On showing your EHIC* you will receive the necessary medical care, subject to the conditions applicable under the French public health insurance regime (fees, reimbursement rules, etc.). In principle you should only pay the co-payment (patient contribution), plus any supplements, as if you were resident in France.

When can you not use the EHIC*?

It is important to know that you can not use the EHIC*:
- for planned healthcare (if you are travelling abroad in order to receive treatment there);
- when the healthcare is given by an individual private healthcare provider (doctor, dentist, etc.) or in a private hospital.

More info?

You can find more information concerning the EHIC* on the website of the European Commission.

* cf. Glossary