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    Biodiversity, a shared concern

    The most recent studies, such as the one by IPBES (the IPCC on biodiversity), demonstrate this. Businesses and consumers have a role to play in the sustainable use of...
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    Belgian Dr Hans Kluge elected as WHO Regional Director for Europe

    On 17 September 2019, the 53 Member States of the European Region of the World Health Organisation (WHO) elected our fellow countryman Dr Hans Kluge as Regional Director. In his...
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    Knowledge Junction

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    Collaboration tools

    Knowledge Junction Chemical Mixture Tool
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    Knowledge Juncion

    Knowledge Junction The Knowledge Junction is a curated, open repository for the exchange of evidence and supporting materials used in food and feed safety risk...
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    Chemical Mixture Tool

    EFSA Chemical mixture interactive tool (Mix Tool Scroller) EFSA has published a guidance on harmonised methods for assessing risks from combined exposure to multiple chemicals...
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    Federal Environmental Inspection

    The controls carried out by the Federal Environmental Inspection aim to put a stop to the dangers and/or nuisances that affect health or the environment. They also have a...
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    Start taking action with #BeBiodiversity

    The #BeBiodiversity campaign encourages consumers and businesses to take action to actively tackle the loss of biodiversity. The site www.BeBiodiversity.be Videos #...
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    An asset that urgently needs to be protected

    There are multiple threats to biodiversity: fragmentation of habitats; the invasive exotic species; overexploitation and overconsumption (such as overfishing, for...
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    What happens during a check?

    The Federal Environmental Inspection carries out checks in stores, at the premises of farmers, importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, and at other types of retailers...