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    Symposium « Food safety at the heart of scientific research » 27 October 2022, 9h00-16h40, Galilee Building, Brussels  On 27 October 2022, the DG Animals,...
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    World Ventilate Day

    Today is the first #WorldVentil8Day.   It is a new annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of effective ventilation for the health and well-being of people...
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    Endocrine disruptors

    Endocrine disruptors are regularly in the news due to their potentially harmful effects on human health, particularly to  pregnant women and young children, and on the...
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    Report 9722 - Vaccination against COVID-19 for infants and children

    Vaccination against COVID-19 with mRNA vaccines for children from 6 months of age in Belgium In this scientific advisory report, which offers guidance to public health...
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    Report 9509 - Food hypersensitivities

    Recommendations  on diagnostic testing for  food hypersensitivities In this scientific advisory report, which offers guidance to public health policy-makers, the...
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    Air quality standards

    The air quality standards in the Code of well-being at Work are generic and cross-cutting and are defined on two levels:    Standard Level A     ...
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    Legal provisions already in force before the COVID-19 pandemic

    The Codex or Code of well-being at work: the New Code of well-being at work - Federal Public Service Employment, Work and Social Dialogue (belgium.be) applies to all...
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    Cookie policy

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    The obligations imposed by the law on indoor air quality

    These obligations depend on royal decrees that have not yet been published. To date, there is no obligation for operators. In the future, for each closed location accessible to...
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    The main principles of the law on indoor air quality

    The law of 6 November 2022 on the improvement of indoor air quality in closed spaces accessible to the public pursues four general objectives: to define good air quality...