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    Sound standards for means of transport

    Traffic noise is an important source of noise pollution, sometimes having negative health consequences. The Regions are charged with making strategic noise maps and to work out...
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    Blue Leaders High Level Event on BBNJ

    The Marine Environment Department of the Federal Public Service for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment is organising a meeting of the Blue Leaders at the Residence...
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    Types of foodstuffs concerned

    What types of foodstuffs are covered by the Nutrivigilance system? Nutrivigilance is a system for registering undesirable effects linked to the consumption of four categories of...
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    Belgium takes important step towards ratification of BBNJ Agreement

    On 2 February, the Council of Ministers approved the BBNJ ratification file, paving the way for Belgian ratification of the BBNJ Agreement. Among other things, this UN agreement...
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    List of plants for which the Advisory Commission provided an advice

    For some plants you can consult the document with the official advice via the hyperlink. For the other plants the advice has already been transposed into law by the inclusion in...
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    Operators, i.e. any company involved in the product chain from manufacture to availability to the consumer (manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc.) is responsible for the...
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    Healthcare professionals

    As healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, nurses, speech therapists, physiotherapists, etc.), you are in contact with patients or consumers and are therefore...
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    Anyone who has experienced or witnessed an undesirable effects is invited to report it to FPS Public Health. Please complete your report with as much information as possible, and...