Traffic noise is an important source of noise pollution, sometimes having negative health consequences. The Regions are charged with making strategic noise maps and to work out action plans on the basis of this. Road traffic noise, as well as railway and aircraft noise, are addressed. In order to reduce the road traffic noise, noise barriers are installed along the road, or low-noise asphalt is laid. Traffic regulating measures such as speed reduction can also contribute to more silent traffic. But traffic noise can also be reduced by making the vehicles themselves quieter. This is done at European level, within the framework of product policy.

Compliance with the European legislation for means of transport in Belgium is done by the FPS Mobility and Transport, in collaboration with the Directorate-General Environment of the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. In the sections below you will learn more about the efforts made for the noise limitation of the following means of transport:

Road vehicles
Recreational craft