Product standards, including standards for sound emissions, are established at European level and are further converted into national law and followed up by the federal government.

Several Federal Public Services (FPS) go into the issue of noise pollution. The FPS Mobility and Transport is responsible for the regulation of means of transport: motor vehicles, motor bikes, (pleasure) boats, aircraft and trains. Also the exploitation of Brussels Airport is the authority of the FPS Mobility and Transport. The FPS Economy follows the European work for the sound emissions of consumer products, such as personal music players and toys. This public service also guarantees the regulation of the quality of ear plugs. The FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment is the competent agency for executing the regulation concerning sound emissions of household appliances, quiet yres and 57 categories of outdoor machines.

For some products there is an obligation to measure the sound emission of a product and to indicate the sound emission on the product, or in the promotional material (e.g. fridges, washing machines, chain saws), for others there are limiting values concerning sound emissions (such as lawn mowers, compressors, mobile cranes).

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