The #BeBiodiversity campaign encourages consumers and businesses to take action to actively tackle the loss of biodiversity.

This is the main information tool of the campaign. It explains what biodiversity is, the many services it provides us with, and the dangers that threaten it.

It also offers a range of tips for everyone to change their daily habits.

On a regular basis, articles explore current topics or present new activities to better preserve biodiversity.

Videos #BeBiodiversity

A series of videos explain the role of biodiversity and how consumer behaviour can impact biodiversity.

Other videos are aimed at businesses. Business leaders involved in biodiversity actions tell their stories and present the results they have achieved.

BiodiversiTree: a tool for businesses

A decision-making tool is available for entrepreneurs at and features examples and best practice. A search engine helps target the actions to be implemented. This tool also provides information on additional sources of financing and experts who can assist companies.

#BeBiodiversity on social media

You can also follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram.