Advisory Report 9240 - Carrier screening

Expanded carrier screening in a reproductive context. Towards a responsible implementation in the healthcare system (SHC 9240) (March 2017) In this advisory report, the Superior...

Advisory report 9314 - Biological tests

Reporting and interpreting biological tests carried out on samples from donors of human body material (SHC 9314) (December 2016) In this scientific advisory report on public...

Advisory report 9204 - Quality indicators in mental health

Towards a generic framework for the development of quality indicators in mental health care in Belgium (SHC 9204) (October 2016) The SHC has drawn up recommendations on the...

Advisory report 9297 - CT scanners

The use of CT outside medical imaging departments in general and in particular in the operating theatre (SHC 9297) (November 2016)

Presentation Energy, carbohydrates, fibers by Delzenne

Presentation symposium "Dietary reference values: a tool for public health" 10/02/2017 - Energy, carbohydrates and fibers - by Delzenne