The CCIEP must coordinate Belgian positions on European and multilateral dossiers by consensus. It is assisted in this by the relevant experts from the various regional and federal administrations and strategic policy units. The CCIEP must also agree on the representation of Belgium at international meetings on environmental issues. 
In accordance with the cooperation agreement, the CCIEP is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Preparing the position to be defended by the Belgian delegation at international organisations or Ministerial Conferences, including the financial implications.
  • Determining the composition of the Belgian delegation to international organisations or Ministerial Conferences and appointing the spokesperson for this delegation.
  • Organising consultations for the coordinated implementation at the international level of the recommendations and decisions taken at the international level.
  • Preparing the agenda items for the meetings of the Interministerial Conference on the Environment (at the Belgian level).
  • Supervising the collection of data requested by international organisations from Member States and evaluating the need for a coordinated Belgian report.
  • Advising Ministers or Secretaries of State represented on the CCIEP when requested.