Operating on a consensus basis, the CCIEP’s role is to coordinate Belgian stand in European and multi-lateral files and for this, it is assisted by competent experts (officials) / members of competent strategic cells. The CCIEP must also agree on the representation of Belgium in international meetings.

Furthermore, following tasks are covered under the CCIEP Cooperation Agreement:
• to organise consultation between the federal and regional levels for coordinated action at the national level of the recommendations and decisions taken at the international level;
• to prepare the items of international environmental policy included on the agenda of the Interministerial Conference for the Environment, at the level of the Belgian Ministers;
• to supervise the collection of the data needed to respond to requests for information from international organisations and assess whether a joint report needs to be compiled;
• to advise the Ministers or Secretaries of State represented in the CCIEP when requested.