Travel clinics are an important link in protecting and improving the health of citizens, in accordance with the principle of 'One World, One Health', which places health in all its facets at the centre.

Information for travellers

Travel clinics aim to: 

  • inform travellers about the various health risks of their destination(s) and planned activities;
  • provide the necessary vaccines;
  • provide preventive measures and medication (e.g. against malaria);
  • provide explanations and prescriptions with a view to possible self-treatment while travelling (e.g. for diarrhoea or altitude sickness).

In addition to providing vaccines and advice before the planned trip, the travel clinic also offers the possibility of advice during or after the trip. Travellers who experience medical problems after their trip can go there for a consultation or admission, whether through the emergency department or not.  

Travellers should make an appointment at a travel clinic at least six to eight weeks before departure to gather the necessary information. Travellers with immune disorders should preferably book their appointment four months before departure. 

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Information for travel clinics and professionals 

In line with the IHR provisions, the Belgian State delegates the following tasks to the authorised travel clinics:

  • vaccination against yellow fever and other diseases in connection with travel to certain foreign countries;
  • affixing the stamp and signature of the competent health authority in the international vaccination booklet.

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